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This website was built with Python/Django on the backend and plain ol’ HTML, CSS and Javascript on the frontend. With some resizing, you’ll notice that the design is responsive, and was built with a mobile-first mentality.

I created this website as a final project for an intensive web development course offered by Coursera/The University of Michigan. Below you can find a video where I walk the class through some of the thinking behind my approaches/solutions. Though it’s rudimentary, hopefully you’ll see that I took care to incorporate proper semantics and accessibility standards. You can view the GitHub repository here.

Soundslice Python API library

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In July, 2021, I wrote and published the official Python library for Soundslice’s data API. Soundslice is a web app that lets musicians synchronize sheet music with real recordings, and create notation and tablature right in the web browser.

This library makes it possible for our customers to manage their content from Python. You can view the documentation on the Soundslice GitHub here. Installation is as easy as:

pip install soundsliceapi

Musician’s blog

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I built this website for jazz guitarist Frank Portolese — you can view it live at www.frankportolese.com. It features a blog and gig calendar which are managed by the artist himself using simple admin tools. It uses Python/Django on the backend, and simple HTML, JS and responsive CSS on the frontend. You can view the GitHub repository here.

Frank is a dear friend, mentor and kick-ass guitar player(!)

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